JBS Overview

JBS Overview

Aug. 14, 1945—Victory Over Japan Day marked the surrender of Japanese forces and subsequent end of World War II. Under terms of the agreement the Japanese continued occupation until the Nationalist government could gain control, including de facto states already controlled by the Communist government.

Eleven days after Japanese surrender a group of Chinese Nationalists, Koreans, and Americans, including Baptist Missionary and military intelligence officer John Birch, worked to free allies from a Japanese prison camp. Near Xi’an the group encountered Chinese Communists who ordered Birch to surrender his weapon. Upon refusal Birch was killed and later awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

Thirteen years after his death John Birch’s name become synonymous with the ultra-conservative, self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist political advocacy agency called the John Birch Society.

In 1958, Robert W. Welch, a retired businessman, founded the JBS along with his group of eleven men including Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, an oil refinery firm that would become the second-largest privately held company in the United States. Koch’s anti-Soviet political beliefs included claims that the Communist Party, as well as support for Mussolini’s suppression of communists, had infiltrated the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties.

Koch believed publicly that colored men were a large factor in the Communist plot to take over the United States, pointing to government welfare as a secret plot to start an American race war by attracting rural blacks and Puerto Ricans to Eastern Cities for increased communist support.

Unfounded and unsupported claims weren’t exclusive to Koch, however. Fellow founder Robert W. Welch claimed publicly that Presidents Truman and Eisenhower were communist sympathizers and could potentially have been Soviet-placed agents of influence. President Eisenhower never responded to these claims.

Conspiracy theories are not inherently irrational. Often times the word “conspiracy” is used in political context to discredit the legitimate discourse and examination of deserving topics. The ideas of founder Robert Welch, however, surpass traditional and intellectual political dialogue and venture to the realm of lunacy.

His far-reaching ideals supersede the founding of the United States and the modern Western World. Welch believed the communist tool was a part of a “master conspiracy” that began in ancient Sparta and came to life in the 18th century based on a uniform Satanic Creed and program of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Illuminati, according to Welch, is controlled by “Insiders” (families with international finance, including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) in concordance with government agencies like the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service, as well as non-governmental groups like the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.

According to Welch this force began in the United States prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, which brought together modern liberalism and totalitarianism. Woodrow Wilson set the United States on the road towards a totalitarian government in the 1960’s during the Progressive Era. Through this, Welch claimed government was “always and inevitably an enemy of individual freedom.”

The Birch society’s headquarters is now in Appleton, Wisconsin, and the group operates at local, regional, and national political levels. Members register for group affiliation and a network of national chapters operate on a local level to provide members with a monthly newsletter entitled the JBS Bulletin, which outlines communications projects and program implementation. Local and regional activity is guided by self proclaimed “Professional Field Coordinators.”

The Society claims its ultimate goal as the restoration and preservation of freedom under the United States Constitution. According to the Birch Society website, implementation of this goal come from local lobbying, distribution of literature, e-mail campaigns, news conferences, petitions, and more.

The website claims members have played a continuous role in halting legislation and federal policies that threaten the independence of the United States, doing so based on their belief in personal freedom and limited government.

The society is known more recently for their public view that the United States is participating in the creation of the “New World Order,” a global agenda implemented by the Illuminati, an organization who derived from the late Free-Masons.

The New World Order is an attempt at a collectivist, one-world socialist government, with the founding of the United Nations as a small step to destroy the western world.

Accused Illuminati members range from high-ranking political players to pop culture icons such as entrepreneur and rapper Jay-Z (founder of Rocafeller Records) and his wife Beyonce (who admitted her allegiance on the Oprah Winfrey Show), as well as professional athletes like LeBron James.

The Birch Society is working to dismantle the Federal Reserve System, and as recently as 2010 were co-sponsors at the Conservative Political Action Conference, marking their resurrection in the modern conservative movement. The group can be found online and in print through their published magazine The New American.

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