Just a Sweet, “Little Old Lady”?

Joanna Scutari, a.k.a. “Publius Huldah”, just a sweet “little old lady”?

Joanna Scutari is a self-proclaimed “logician” and a supposed “expert” on the U.S. Constitution. She provides no proof of accreditations, certifications or even formal training in constitutional law. She is better described as a self-trained blogger.

On her blog, she claims she is “just a little old lady and [does] not bite” — implying she is the very definition of grandmotherly innocence and purity.
If she is so innocent and pure, why the pseudonym? In a formal 2013 proceeding she was asked by a TN lawmaker to provide her real name for the record. This is common practice. It allows the representatives and the public to know the identify of those who are speaking to lawmakers — to check out their backgrounds and identify any potential biases. In a show of utter disrespect to the General Assembly and to the citizens who elected them, she flatly refused. She went on to explain why she chose the nom de guerre “Publius Huldah”. If you are truly innocent, pure and want to be taken seriously, you use your real name and provide your real credentials. She would not provide her name — and, other than being a former lawyer, she has no known credentials regarding constitutional law.

It has recently come to light that her real name is Joanna Scutari and that she is (or was) married to Frank Scutari, who was charged in 1985 as an accessory to an armed-car robbery in San Francisco. Frank served a 3-year pleaded sentence for aiding and abetting. Frank’s brother, Richard Scutari, is still serving a 60-year sentence for that robbery. Richard Scutari was heavily involved in the Neo-Nazi group “The Silent Brotherhood”, according to the book “Terrorism in America”.

It is possible to go too far with “guilt by association”. We all have some baggage. All of this does not mean she nor her husband necessarily ever supported the Neo-Nazi group “The Silent Brotherhood”. Giving Ms. Scutari the benefit of doubt that she does not support “The Silent Brotherhood”, would it not be better for her to have just “come clean” about all of this a long time ago and to operate “out in the open”. Why continue to choose to hide behind a false name and not provide her real name to a state lawmaker? It is all very suspicious and makes you at least wonder about her true motives. What else remains hidden?

One thing we know for sure: Ms. Scutari is certainly not a sweet, “little old lady”.

10 thoughts on “Just a Sweet, “Little Old Lady”?

    • Mickey, I like your comment. Publius Huldah is brilliant. I can’t find a chink in the armor. Hope you are doing well.
      Dave Rentschler


  1. is (or was) married to Frank Scutari, who was charged in 1985 as an accessory to an armed-car robbery in San Francisco

    And what exactly does this have to do with the veracity of the “little old lady” and her analyses of things Constitutional? Sounds to me like YOU are on a witch hunt. Try Huffpo, where the “little old lady” there divorced her gay husband and has since made a name for herself with disinformation about more things than are under heaven and earth…

    Her “moniker” has to do with an historical character of like name, so I am told. A little research on your part, perhaps? Before spouting off?


  2. So, according to you, “Investigator”, one cannot be both a “little old lady” and intelligent? That rules out Miss Marple. And most definitely rules out Hillary and all the band of cut-throats in the White House.


  3. Yes, we need to change Congress. If voting or elections work we would not be where we are now. Term limits are needed but they require a constitutional amendment. What other way is there?


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